With Telepass things are faster. Now you can also use your Telepass to pay for parking in the Easy Parking areas at Rome-Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci Airport, without any additional charge.It's very simple to do: if you have a Telepass contract, the service is already active. To disable it, go to your personal area on
All you have to do is ensure your device is properly positioned inside your vehicle, and then use the lanes indicated at the parking area entrance and exit, just as you would when entering and leaving the motorway.


With this new Telepass service you can:

  • avoid queues when entering and leaving the parking areas
  • avoid having to collect and keep a ticket when entering the parking area
  • avoid having to go to the cash machine to pay
  • enter and leave using special lanes
  • book parking at the best rates available on-line
  • charge parking fees directly to your Telepass account, consult the list of parking fees charged, create a note of expenditure and view invoices in your confidential area on
  • If you are a Family user, apply to Telepass  for the invoice before you park.


How it works:

  • if you have a Telepass device in your car you can enter the parking areas using the dedicated lanes, without having to collect a ticket, and when you leave you must also use the dedicated lanes: you will pay for parking at the rate indicated at the entrance to the parking area
  • if you enter after having booked on-line, your car must have the Telepass device whose number was associated with the booking: when you leave the parking area you must use the Telepass lane so that the cost of the booking is charged directly to your Telepass account at the discounted rates for the parking area booked



  • if you have not associated the number of your Telepass device when making a booking on-line you will not be able to use the Telepass lanes (use the Telepass device) to take advantage of the discounted online rates, but in order to park at these rates you will have to stop at the column at the entrance to the chosen parking area and enter the PIN that you were given on completing the booking; (this means that you will not be able to enter and leave the parking area using the Telepass lane)
  • if you have associated the number of your Telepass device when making the booking on-line but you do not use the Telepass lanes: when entering the parking area you must type in the PIN to gain entrance and to park at the discounted online rates, whereas on leaving you must pay at the automatic cash machines or at the exit column, and the amount will not be charged to your Telepass account
  • if the Telepass device number entered when booking on-line is incorrect or non-existent it is still possible to use the Telepass, but parking will not be charged at the discounted on-line rates
  • if you do not want to use the Telepass service when parking, please remember that you must not use the dedicated lanes when entering and leaving, or the parking fee will be charged directly to your Telepass account at the rates on display at the entrance. To deactivate it go to your reserved area at

If you are a user or company with an Easy Parking agreement, or if you would like more information on the service, please go to

Warning: using Telepass does not entitle you to any additional Mille Miglia points.

Those booking on-line are required to enter their Telepass code, and when booking is complete they will receive a PIN. This must be kept and used only in the event of a malfunction in the Telepass service, so that you are charged the discounted online parking rate you have booked.

Short Stay parking areas, which cannot be booked on-line, can be entered and exited using the Telepass lanes at no charge provided your stay does not exceed 30 minutes (first 30 minutes free). If you stay for longer, your Telepass account will be charged based on the rates shown at the entrance to the parking area.

These are the Easy Parking parking areas:


  • MULTILEVEL A-B-C-D-E (can be booked on-line)- Covered parking (Multilevel A uncovered) located near the Terminals, to which they are connected via raised pedestrian tunnels. Access and payment using the Telepass service is not foreseen for Executive parking and motorcycle parking, which are on the 2nd and ground floor of Multilevel E, respectively. Book now at discounted rates (BOL link)
    Geographical position
    Via Francesco Aurelio Di Bella s.n.c.
    Co-ordinates for sat-nav system: 41°47'35" N , 12°15'12" E


  • LONG STAY (can be booked on-line) - Parking area with 2,000 covered parking places and an equivalent number of uncovered parking places, also suitable for short stays. A free shuttle service connecting to the Terminals runs every 10 minutes. Book now at discounted rates. (BOL link)
    Geographical position
    Via Antonio Zara s.n.c.
    Co-ordinates for sat-nav system: 41°47'45" N , 12°16'31" E


  • SHORT STAY first 30 minutes free (cannot be booked). Recommended for stays of maximum one hour (60 minutes), there are 80 covered places available outside Terminal 1 and 160 uncovered parking places outside Terminal 3.
    Geographical position
    Via Generale Felice Santini
    Co-ordinates for sat-nav system: 41° 47' 40'' N, 12° 15' 16'' E

For any further information the Easy Parking Customer Service operates 24/7. You can contact the service simply by pressing the "i" (information) button on the entrance and exit columns and at all the automatic cash machines. Please press the button once only.