9 July 2015
ADR among the top employers italia 2015 for personnel management
First airport management company certified by the "Top Employers Institute" in the Italian ranking of the best companies to work for

The prestigious award has been certified by the CRF Institute (independent international certification organization), which compiled the ranking of the 63 Italian "Top Employers Italia 2015" companies, which includes Aeroporti di Roma, evaluating the enterprises with the highest quality standards in human resource management and development.

The Top Employers certification awarded to ADR is based on a qualitative analysis of nine main areas related to personnel management, namely: talent coordination; workforce planning; new recruit company integration process; performance management; career opportunities; corporate culture; learning and development; remuneration and benefits and, finally, leadership development. The certification analyses, assesses and certifies the excellence in the strategic management of personnel at all levels of the company. It also highlights how much the company is competitive, ready for change, and able to attract and train the best talent, continuing to invest in people, even in periods of economic stagnation.

The evaluation and certification process - which takes a year and selects national companies with at least 250 employees - also provides an audit in the company's headquarters, with a specific focus on personnel management.
On the site there is a study on the certification and the awards ceremony.