How many kinds of love do you know? Endless.

Love is not just for couples, love is born primarily from the family warmth, from the empathy between friends, or from a simple love at first sight. Love is part of all of us. Love is within us. 
This year, Venchi interprets the languages of love with new recipes, which enrich the pralines collection: four new desserts are waiting for you in our store. 
We introduce new recipes to astonish and excite our customer, thanks to new experiences and new recipes in which combinations of flavours show the quality of our ingredients.
•         Dessert Di Dama: A layer of gianduja, with a crumbly hazelnuts biscuit, covered with dark chocolate 56% and hand-decorated with ultra-fine white chocolate strokes.
•         Dessert Tiramisù: a great classic of Italian cuisine! Dark chocolate 56%, filled with a white mascarpone cream, cooffee with a dark chocolate hearth. Garnished with cocoa powder
•         Dessert Mediterraneo: Dark chocolate 56%, filled with a delicious pistachio cream, hand-decorated with a whole Pistachio from Bronte.
•         Dessert Crème Caramel: Dark chocolate 56%, filled with a toffee cream and dark chocolate. Garnished with delicious toffee. Don’t leave the best till last!
Finally, two other chocolates are added to the Venchi offer, expanding the sweetness:

Montezuma Fruity madagascar chocolate kissed by notes of exotic fruit, banana and vanilla. 
Cuoricino fondente: the ease and uniqueness of the dark chocolate to win even the hardest over.

Launch price: €8,00

The promotion is valid from January 20th to February 24th, 2020 in Venchi stores located in boarding area B, D and E.


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