For Aeroporti di Roma, it is essential to increasingly strengthen the link with the territory, with the intention of involving citizens in a transport asset in Italy that affects them closely.

Also in this line is Navigate the territory, an initiative that aims to involve the local community, starting with schools, in a process involving the reconstruction of ties between people, the community and the cultural heritage, which enhances the potential collaboration between public and private, between the world of infrastructure and that of archaeology.

Until 30 October 2017, the archaeological area of Porto di Traiano can be discovered. This is the only Roman port basin to have lasted intact to this day. An intense programme, involving educational and naturalistic workshops, is available for children and adolescents, to travel, play and enjoy themselves in Ancient Rome.

The treasures of the Port are also available to passengers of Leonardo da Vinci: in fact, on its opening days, a free shuttle service operates from Terminal 3, Departures, to reach the archaeological park in just a few minutes, directly from the airport. The service was also designed for the benefit of passengers in transit at Leonardo da Vinci who wish to make the most of the time between their arrival flight and departure flight, by visiting a historically and culturally significant site for free. Finally, inside the airport, a special information corner has been set up to show passengers the specific features of the archaeological site.

Meanwhile, with the support of the “Tirreno – Eco-Schools Project”, an inter-school network established in the 1990s, involving all schools in Fiumicino, students have been able to access the site and, thanks to the support of specialised staff, study the territory of the Ports of Claudio and Traiano, crucial landing points since ancient times and places for developing trade in the Mediterranean. Via the ‘learning by doing’ method, through specific training courses, field trips and workshops, students are placed in a position to learn about specific historical and cultural features and, in turn, to become, on the days the archaeological site is open, an engine for transmitting knowledge to their peers and other people.

Navigate the territory therefore intends to be an experimental project for the knowledge and use of the territory and which, like the “Tirreno – Eco-Schools Project” Fiumicino school network, aims to develop and spread among adolescents a sense of responsibility towards the good governance of the common good, by implementing environmentally-sustainable activities for the development of the territory through their knowledge of history, archaeology and nature