ADR Group places a great amount of attention on the welfare and quality of life of its employees with a view to improving each person’s work-life balance. Convinced that the welfare of the company is based on the ability of the organisation to promote and maintain the high degree of physical, psychological and social well-being of workers at all levels and roles, ADR Group has set up tools for listening to the needs and expectations of employees, for managing any personal difficulties and/or problems.

The corporate welfare initiatives are structured into three main areas:

  • Health Care: initiatives for the health and well-being of employees and their families (health and welfare policies);
  • Family Care: initiatives for the families and children of employees and maternity support;
  • People Care: engagement and time-saving initiatives;


Aeroporti di Roma is constantly committed to the development and enhancement of people who work at Fiumicino and Ciampino every day. To direct investments more effectively towards enhancing the capacity of resources, ADR is implementing various activities that aim to:

  • attract, accept and develop capable and competent resources;
  • set up systems and tools suitable for identifying and training resources;
  • increase the specialist know-how and professional abilities for implementing quality performance;
  • empower individuals in terms of their professional improvement;
  • support the welfare of people;