Its constant commitment towards improving the quality of services provided at the airport has enabled ADR to achieve significant results, leading the airport management company to significantly improve its position in the ranking of major European hubs.

To this end, ADR considers feedback received from passengers to be of great importance, from their “requests for information” to “suggestions”. This is why ADR makes certain channels available to its customers to send their feedback (from social media to its “Talk to Us” form on its corporate website, from email addresses to its app and switchboard) which are therefore a valuable source of information.

Fiumicino's rise to success was driven by services such as security checks, where the overall rating depends on the courtesy of staff, together with the accuracy and speed of the service. An excellent confirmation also came from services such as unrestricted and free Wi-Fi and the new e-Gates for automatic passport control. In terms of comfort, significant impact was the hygiene and availability of toilets, amongst the most appreciated services by users, together with the general state of cleanliness of the airport terminals, constantly monitored by dedicated airport staff.

In terms of accessibility, in order to ensure per better connectivity with the airport and guarantee an adequate response to the need for mobility associated with the demand for air transport in Rome, passengers can use the many services, from Easy Parking car parks to the free Carpooling services, which allows the airport community to provide and/or request journeys to and from their workplace, using private cars and thus helping to reduce traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

In order to meet ever-increasing passenger needs, there is also the Service Charter, a tool for the continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, with transparent information for users on the guaranteed levels of quality and a tool for checking compliance thereof, providing passengers with important information such as:

  • Presence of certain services or equipment useful for passengers
  • Airport plans
  • Timetables for the main city-airport public transport services
  • Forms for suggestions, reports, complaints or praise