9 May 2015
ADR: 553 flights operated at Leonardo Da Vinci airport by 5.00 pm
Aeroporti di Roma, in close cooperation with Enac, communicates that by 5.00 pm 553 flights have been operated thanks to the efforts deployed by the National Body for Civil Aviation itself (ENAC), Police forces, the National Body for flight Assistance, Assoclearance, and ADR, and thanks to the readiness and flexibility of all airlines and handling companies operating at Leonardo Da Vinci airport.

Fiumicino, 9th May 2015 - This is a large number indeed, that cannot be compared to normal days' activity, seen that all carriers - with great commitment and dedication - were active also at night, therefore modifying their ordinary schedule set before the fire took place. Yesterday, at Fiumicino airport about 110 thousand passengers arrived or departed. However, some inconveniences persist for travellers, albeit in rapid resolution. We recommend to always contact airlines to check if flights are being operated and their schedules. Today at 2.00 pm, at the Direction of Lazio Airport System of ENAC, a new meeting was held involving all airport operators, so as to adopt further measures aimed at recovering normal conditions as soon as possible.


Aeroporti di Roma, a company of Gruppo Atlantia, manages the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino, and conducts other collateral activities for airport facility management. Fiumicino operates four passenger terminals. It is dedicated to business and leisure flights to and from national, international and intercontinental destinations; Ciampino is mainly dedicated to low-cost airlines, express couriers and General Aviation activities. In 2014, ADR airports system recorded around 44 million passengers, with over 230 destinations that can be reached from Rome thanks to the 100 airline operating from the two airports.

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