Each colour influences our feelings and has specific abilities. Did you know that there are more than three thousand colours and every day we discover new fascinating shades? Orange is the colour of joy, red is the colour of passion, blue helps to relax... warm, cold, bright, soft... the language of colours is complex and affects our daily lives. Can you imagine a life without colours?
Venchi, a Piedmontese company synonymous of quality, for 140 years has been inspired by the brightest coluors and joy to create innovative recipes, combining creative ingredients to create a rainbow of colors with every bite.
SUD AMERICA FAMILY: If you like green, you like to travel. And if you like to travel, you’ll also like the new Sud America family: an adventure in which you’ll discover An aromatic taste with notes of sweet flowers, honey and mellow fruit. Naturally, vegan friendly. Try the two intensities 80% and 100% and the two version bar and blend. 

GIANDIUA N.3 FAMILY: If you can’t decide between pink and gold, choose the new Gianduia N.3 made with our special recipe: Piedmont Hazelnuts (35%), chocolate and raw cane sugar. Taste it slowly and let it melt in your mouth! Gianduiotto, Blend or bar? Which is your favourite?

BACIODIDAMA FAMILY: If your favourite colour is pink, you’ll love the BACIODIDAMA range, delicious hazelnut paste and a crumbly Piedmont Hazelnuts gluten-free biscuit, covered with milk chocolate. Discover in all its versions: praline, bar and soft bar. If you’re a gelato lover, our BacioDiDama flavour awaits you in boutique from october 6th.

TIRAMISÙ FAMILY: If you like aquamarine, you enjoy elegance, calmness, the finer things and beauty. You’ll also like the new Tiramisù Family with alternating layers of coffee paste, mascarpone notes and a Venezuela milk chocolate finish. An Italian-style treat. Find out in a bar and chocolate version.

CREMA COCCO FAMILY: If you like sky blue, also known as Italian sky blue, you’ll like the coconutty sweetness (with no added sugar) paired with dark chocolate that can befound in bar version, Unico snack or a Cioccofrutti.


The promotion is valid from September 15th to October 6th, 2020 in Venchi store located in boarding area E.



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