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ADR Property

  • offers companies spaces for the development of airport-related business activities
  • offers property developers opportunities for investment in new offices, premises and airport-related industrial activities

In particular, ADR property management subleases existing office spaces, warehouses, VIP lounges, technical areas, industrial premises, etc., to interested third-party companies, managing the collection of expressions of interest, verification of availability of spaces, formalization of contractual relationships, ancillary services for subleased properties and management of contractual relationships.

ADR property development aims to define the property master plan for the available airport areas and, in a manner consistent with this, to facilitate property investment for third parties through project financing (a system of financing projects that uses the resources from the projects themselves based on long-term subleasing agreements).

Aeroporti di Roma, therefore, offers both a wide range of basic property services, such as the rental of managerial offices, warehouses and logistics activities, and investment opportunities in the unoccupied areas of the airport.